Monday, October 11, 2010

More fantasy updates and Brett Favre's penis

Okay so it's been a while since I last made a blog, but just wanted to let yall know that i'm pretty pissed off this week because my fantasy team manged to score a whopping 66 points this week.  After scoring 160 points last week, i feel a little ashamed to say that i scored so low, but my team had so many people come up short.  Speaking of coming up short, have you guys heard the story about Brett Favre sending his penis pictures to a former jets cheerleader?  if you haven't seen them yet i'll post a link to it later but from what i've heard about the story, when Brett was a member of the NYJ back a few years ago, he had a thing for a very pretty cheerleader and offered his phone number to her, which he gave to an intern to send it to her instead of going to her himself (lolz).  I guess her friends got a hold of the pictures somehow and sold it to for a high price and they posted the pictures all over their website.  No actions have been taken as of yet, but I feel that the commish of the NFL will end up suspending him for atleast 1 game for conduct detrimental to the league. And the moment you've been waiting for, Brett Favre's penis... Brett Favre's Penis! Enjoy!

- EK