Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey guys, just making an update.  I took a bit of a vacation from blogging but I'm back and ready to roll!  Wow, lots has happened in the sports world since I've been gone, we had the whole Randy Moss situation, coming back to Gilette Stadium to face the Patriots and a day later being waved by the Vikings.  There was the basketball season starting up with Celtics Vs Heat and the new "Big Three" coming up short.  Speaking of coming up short, the whole Brett Favre dick pics situation hasn't really been talked about as of late but new rumblings coming up possibly this week that will finally suspend the aging Quarterback thus ending his consecutive games started streak. The Giants winning the World Series over the Rangers, in one of the least talked about World Series in recent history.  Well, the stories just keep coming and I'm going to keep blogging about them and I hope you guys keep reading!  Stay tuned!

- EK

Monday, October 11, 2010

More fantasy updates and Brett Favre's penis

Okay so it's been a while since I last made a blog, but just wanted to let yall know that i'm pretty pissed off this week because my fantasy team manged to score a whopping 66 points this week.  After scoring 160 points last week, i feel a little ashamed to say that i scored so low, but my team had so many people come up short.  Speaking of coming up short, have you guys heard the story about Brett Favre sending his penis pictures to a former jets cheerleader?  if you haven't seen them yet i'll post a link to it later but from what i've heard about the story, when Brett was a member of the NYJ back a few years ago, he had a thing for a very pretty cheerleader and offered his phone number to her, which he gave to an intern to send it to her instead of going to her himself (lolz).  I guess her friends got a hold of the pictures somehow and sold it to deadspin.com for a high price and they posted the pictures all over their website.  No actions have been taken as of yet, but I feel that the commish of the NFL will end up suspending him for atleast 1 game for conduct detrimental to the league. And the moment you've been waiting for, Brett Favre's penis... Brett Favre's Penis! Enjoy!

- EK

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Randy Moss TRADED

Hey everyone, sorry for the few days off, but it's been a hectic few days here.  And I have some more bad news... RANDY MOSS IS NO LONGER A PATRIOT!  If you didn't know by now, Randy Moss (Former New England Patriots Wide Receiver (Future Hall of Famer)) was traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a 3rd & 7th round draft pick in next years rookie draft.  After the initial shock of it all on Wednesday morning, I was finally able to digest it and move on from him and focus on the rest of the season but it's still really tough to lose a guy that set the league record for Touchdowns back in 2007.  From what i've heard, the reason they got rid of him was because he has done nothing but bitch and moan about his contract and how he wanted a new one before his current contract with the Pats was even over.  This is a lot like the Manny Ramirez situation for the Red Sox, where the player was not happy that he had to play though a contract that he had signed years prior and basically forced the hand of Theo Epstein to trade him out of town.  It's a big loss for the Patriots but I believe that this will benefit them in the future.  Next years draft they have two picks in round 1, 2, 3 and 4 which could give them atleast a couple of good players in the future if they hit on any.  It's time to move on though, the Pats are on a bye week and they need to focus on the Ravens coming into town, so lets get focused here and beat the RAVENS!

- EK

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fantasy Football

Just letting you guys know that I KILLED it this week in Fantasy Football.  I'm in a 12 team league with my buddies and my team scored a whopping 149 points against my opponents 74.  I still have my kicker to go on Monday so I should get over the 150 mark, which will be the most points scored this year by any team in the league!  Right now, I'm looking at a 2-1 win/loss record which will be a 3-1 record after Monday.  I'll be tied with the only person to beat me so far (he's in my division).  I only lost to him by one lousy point 114-115.  He has a good team and scored over 100 points again this week, I'm of course in the division that has the 3 best teams so it's going to be tough all season long.  But I'm happy that I got the W today against a previously undefeated team and hopefully I can continue the success throughout the season so I can get that 200 dollar cash prize at the end! =)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Lebron James cries racism

Lebron James was asked in an interview recently if he thought the backlash that he received after announcing on his one hour self love televised show "The Decision" had something to do with racism?  Now before I give you his answer, please understand what kind of egomaniac "King James" really is, this guy has been told since he was 13 years old that he was the best thing since sliced bread, he played in high school where he absolutely dominated his opposition and was the most hyped player to come to the NBA ever.  There are no doubts of this guys skills, he has received MVP trophies, a trip to the NBA finals and numerous All Star selections, this guy is one of the greatest players to ever play the game but can't you just be a little more humble Lebron? When asked the question if he thought that racism played a part in the backlash he has received in leaving Cleveland as a Free Agent to move on to Miami his answer was "I think so, at times.  Race is always a factor"  Let me just say this Lebron, NO, RACISM IS NOT THE REASON PEOPLE IN CLEVELAND AND MOST OF THE COUNTRY HATE YOU.  It's because you are such an egomaniac that you had to go publicly humiliate an entire state on live TV just so you can pronounce that you're taking your talents to Miami.  The people of Cleveland loved you, but when you do something of this nature, they are going to turn on you and be very bitter about it.  And the sad thing about doing it on live TV is that he's holding the Boys & Girls club that he donated all of the money he made from the live shoot as a shield saying that he did all of that for the kids.  You could of just said that you enjoyed your time in Cleveland and you will always have a place in your heart for your fans there, but it's time to move on to Miami.  And if you really wanted to do something for the kids, just donate some of your hundreds of millions of dollars in your bank account, you didn't have to do all of this for the kids, really.  And for the racism accusation, it's your own fault, it has nothing at all to do with racism.  Yes, I realize that SOME of the backlash you may have got are just from your general bigots around the area that have a problem with you being black and would take a shot at you any chance they got, they're just ignorant and you should know by now to ignore people like that.  Lebron, I hope you learn from this and move on from using the race card at times when people criticize you, especially if you bring it upon yourself.  That's all I got for now until then, keep the race card in your wallets.

- EK

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Tenth Inning

Just got done watching "The Tenth Inning".  It gave a very detailed run through of the last 20 years in baseball, from the summer of home runs in the late 90's with Sosa & McGuire to the 2001 World Series where after the attacks on 9/11, baseball helped restore things back to normal.  It went through the epic battles between the Yankees & Red Sox in the 2003-2004 post season, up to the Barry Bonds Balco scandal and the Mitchell Report.  This was an amazing documentary filled with really great interviews with the players, coaches and writers of the times and I really suggest that you should watch this if you are a fan of baseball.  Thats all I got for now, just thought i'd share.

- EK

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sox season is finally done

The 2010 Red Sox season is finally over.  I know, there are 5 more games to go but as of tonight they were taken out of the race for the playoffs.  It's been a long and rough season for the Sox.  Starting off with the Ellsbury injury back in April, it's a real tough loss for any team when they lose a dynamic lead-off hitter such as ells, his speed really changes how this whole team approaches their at bats.  And then we get to Mike Cameron (We hardly knew ye) seriously, he played very sparingly in the early parts of the season due to kidney stones which then lead to an abdomen tear and POOF... he's gone for the season, really could of used his bat and defense.  Then the injury bug went on the west coast trip with us to San Francisco where Dustin Pedroia took a swing he probably should of just looked at.  Instead he fouled off a pitch which ended up breaking his foot.  When you lose your dynamic lead-off hitter who steals 70 bases you might be able to keep chugging along but then you throw in your number 2 hitter/mvp/rookie of the year it's tough to swallow, but wait the Sox weren't done yet!  The following day Victor Martinez had his finger broke on a back swing from the Giants batter.  So there go your number 1...2...3 hitters and the Sox arrrreee OUT!  But let's just add insult to injury on this west coast trip and have the back up catcher (Jason Varitek) and your best pitcher up to that point (Clay Bucholz).  Now my life is complete!  Fast forward to August and you might think that the Sox should be 15 games below .500 right? Wrong, they are right there in the heat of things and just when you start to think that they can make it all the way with this team full of over achieving AAA players.... WHACK there goes your Gold Glove first baseman Kevin Youkilis!  Yikes when does football season start?  Well you got to give it to this team, they were relentless and did not give up til the very end of the season and I can appreciate that so they were pushed out of the playoff race today with the Yankees winning over Toronto and all I can say is that I really appreciate the fight that this team had in them, we got to see some exciting new players and encouraging prospects for our future.  That's all I got for now guys... GO PATS!