Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey guys, just making an update.  I took a bit of a vacation from blogging but I'm back and ready to roll!  Wow, lots has happened in the sports world since I've been gone, we had the whole Randy Moss situation, coming back to Gilette Stadium to face the Patriots and a day later being waved by the Vikings.  There was the basketball season starting up with Celtics Vs Heat and the new "Big Three" coming up short.  Speaking of coming up short, the whole Brett Favre dick pics situation hasn't really been talked about as of late but new rumblings coming up possibly this week that will finally suspend the aging Quarterback thus ending his consecutive games started streak. The Giants winning the World Series over the Rangers, in one of the least talked about World Series in recent history.  Well, the stories just keep coming and I'm going to keep blogging about them and I hope you guys keep reading!  Stay tuned!

- EK