Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sox season is finally done

The 2010 Red Sox season is finally over.  I know, there are 5 more games to go but as of tonight they were taken out of the race for the playoffs.  It's been a long and rough season for the Sox.  Starting off with the Ellsbury injury back in April, it's a real tough loss for any team when they lose a dynamic lead-off hitter such as ells, his speed really changes how this whole team approaches their at bats.  And then we get to Mike Cameron (We hardly knew ye) seriously, he played very sparingly in the early parts of the season due to kidney stones which then lead to an abdomen tear and POOF... he's gone for the season, really could of used his bat and defense.  Then the injury bug went on the west coast trip with us to San Francisco where Dustin Pedroia took a swing he probably should of just looked at.  Instead he fouled off a pitch which ended up breaking his foot.  When you lose your dynamic lead-off hitter who steals 70 bases you might be able to keep chugging along but then you throw in your number 2 hitter/mvp/rookie of the year it's tough to swallow, but wait the Sox weren't done yet!  The following day Victor Martinez had his finger broke on a back swing from the Giants batter.  So there go your number 1...2...3 hitters and the Sox arrrreee OUT!  But let's just add insult to injury on this west coast trip and have the back up catcher (Jason Varitek) and your best pitcher up to that point (Clay Bucholz).  Now my life is complete!  Fast forward to August and you might think that the Sox should be 15 games below .500 right? Wrong, they are right there in the heat of things and just when you start to think that they can make it all the way with this team full of over achieving AAA players.... WHACK there goes your Gold Glove first baseman Kevin Youkilis!  Yikes when does football season start?  Well you got to give it to this team, they were relentless and did not give up til the very end of the season and I can appreciate that so they were pushed out of the playoff race today with the Yankees winning over Toronto and all I can say is that I really appreciate the fight that this team had in them, we got to see some exciting new players and encouraging prospects for our future.  That's all I got for now guys... GO PATS!



  1. Essentially sacrificing your body for money...

  2. I liked this post better than the last

  3. this season was great by the way

  4. No I'm not from bean town but Rhode Island, so New England sports are my thing :)